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Texts in French

Reading helps to remember a lot of new words without tedious memorization. When learning French independently, short logically connected sentences give a lot of useful information with minimal effort.
Complicated ideas are easy to understand when reading a small short text.

A thematic selection of basic words and expressions connected in a single topic expands the semantic field. Short stories that can be read in one sitting are remembered faster than a long boring novel.

Texts for reading and translation

  1. Ma famille | My family
  2. Ma semaine | My week
  3. Quatre saisons aux États-Unis | Four seasons in the USA
  4. La ville où j’habite | My city
  5. Acheter des aliments | Buying products
  6. Ma journée habituelle | My usual day
  7. Couleurs du petit Michael | The colors of little Michael
  8. Notre repos | Our vacation

Learning a foreign language takes time and effort. Interesting texts for reading in French help to speed up the learning process. Texts for beginners improve language skills in a pleasant and fun way, while self-translation makes it easier to memorize phrases.